its effin cold

it is possible that as canucks we have a seasonal cycle of tolerance to the vulgarity of the word fuck?
it has come to my attention that as the mercury drops it seems so do our sensitivities around its peppering into everyday discourse.

what other word would so accurately expresses the sentiment of living in these months?
its almost as if we are saying it to ourselves "idiot! why do you live here??!!"

as i rounded a downtown corner the other day i was met by more than just the usual faceful of freezing wind and airborne snow pellets but also a man who was surprised to meet my eyes whilst exclaiming "FUCK" followed by a muttering of "its so fucking cold" as he turned the corner. i simply nodded in agreement and continued.
it wasn't even noon and that was the third time i heard a stranger swear.

as i walked away the irony of our polite reputation occurred to me.
but the reality is that its not that we are rude.
and the term is not being used maliciously or with cruel intention but simply to recognize that everything is harder when it is minus 20.
life is significantly harder when it is minus twenty.
and we all know it.
perhaps that is why we let the occasional effbomb slide by without the scowl it would usually trigger in warmer months.
either way.
i say use it sparingly, but when you use it, do it like you mean it.
and you will likely be forgiven.
until the snow melts.

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