its all on your head

approximately 25 years of voluntary hat trying on is enough.
it has just occurred to me that this is a potentially life altering experience.

sitting in front of one of those canadiana scratchy wool toque kiosks and the fourth person has just picked up the (evidently popular) navahoe patterned hat and put it on their head.

there is something especially intimate about the hat trying on experience that gloves and shoes test runs do not provide (and i am not referring to the unique kinds of fun that a head can leave behind - dandruff, lice, and other things miniscule and near undetectable..)

i am thinking about the hair.
a single straggler left behind for the next unsuspecting wearer.
each one of those last three people may have walked away with a strand of that first womans locks.
and its now a part of their life.
coincidentally this new addition came into their life at the same time that they had been entertaining some suspicions that their partner was sneaking around. one misplaced hair in this kind of testy water could lead to potential disaster.

how does one explain a hair they have never seen other than complete denial?
and how does one, already suspicious of infidelity, take blatant denial as a valid response to a straggling ringlet of gorgeous red hair on the floor of the closet or lying on a bedroom pillow?

all of this could be avoided by simply avoiding the hat in the first place.
so in the interest of keeping thing uncomplicated.
i don't try on hats anymore.

that or i give up monogamy....
stay tuned there.

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