flying refined is an understatement

i realize that winkreative (the AOR for porter airlines) is trying to be modest. meek. classy.
but the understated nature of this whole "flying refined" messaging blows my mind. they really could skew blatantly arrogant and no one would contest. a la:

"the best airline"

"choosing to fly another airline could mean you're a masochist"

"our staff is the best looking in the sky"

i understand the tone and personality they are going for, but it's completely unnecessary.
anyone who has ever worked in advertising knows this is a very rare and fortunate position to be in. when you are far and above a category leader that you needn't worry about the legalities of making such kinds of claims.

and anyone who has ever traveled porter knows its true.
especially people traveling from toronto where pearson is the alternative.

lets run through the experience briefly:
the airport is conveniently located right downtown. walking distance for some. 10$ cab for most. free shuttle if you like. FREE.
once there you take the comfortable and short (2min) ferry ride to the terminal where your line to check in will likely be 5 minutes from arrival to completion. you and the 4-10 other people checking in will go through security with the same speed and within minutes you will be sipping free cappucinos, nibbling on shortbread and enjoying free wireless in the cozy lounge as you await boarding.

because of the capacity of the planes, boarding is quick and painless and you are in the air within 30-45 minutes of having arrived at the porter ferry dock on the mainland.

once in the air you are offered a variety of complimentary refreshments from water, coffee and tea, to wine and locally brewed steamwhistle. Sandwiches, chips, cookies and other treats are also offered at no charge.

the rest of the flight pretty much goes as you would expect. clean up. trays up. sometimes the landing is a little abrupt, but they're small planes so that's TBE.

and then you're there and 9 times out of 10, your luggage is waiting for you on the carousel when you get there as if to say "what took you so long? i flew porter, did you come with air canada?"

they do it right. and i say it every single time i travel with them.
point being - i seriously think they should consider saying it more themselves.