a Better Toronto Slogan: Fall in XO with TO

when i heard that the torontoist was looking for submissions for a new slogan for toronto tourism i had to share mine and, it turns out, some people liked it (obv - its genius).
but upon looking at the other contenders for the competition i feel i must legitimize my short and simple submission.

- firstly, our citys tagline needn't promote or highlight individual tourist destinations within this city. People know that the CN tower is here, and if they want to see it, they have to come here. we dont need to convince them.

- some of the other slogans highlight the multicultural nature and diverse population of this city - something i embrace, celebrate and take pride in as a torontonian and a reason to move here for some - but this is not something that tourists come to the city for.

- and i have to say that i think its a stretch to say that toronto speaks your language. i challenge anyone to find a restaurant in the downtown core with one staff member who speaks french.

my suggestion (seen here on right) gets right to the point:
we (me and the people i talk to at dog parks, coffee shops and on the streets around this city) XO TO

but take one step outside of the 416/905/647 and venture north, east, south and particularly west in this country and its another tune all together.
remember the anti-toronto campaigns of years past?! they hate us!

and if you ask why the root of every answer is just that they dont know what this city has to offer.
rather than checking out the St.Lawrence Market, High Park, any number of parks along the waterfront, our new AGO, grabbing a bite in little italy or heading to the beaches for an ice cream on the beach, these outsiders fly into pearson, take a cab to the delta on gerrard and spend the rest of their weekend taxing between the CN tower, the ACC and the Eaton Centre.
of course they hate this city!

what XO TO does is opens their eyes to the chance that there is something to love about this city. a reason why more than 5 million people call it there home.
so put that in your pipe and smoke it...
or just vote on Oct 6th.

i posted a defence part II here XOTO is mine yours and ours and it works

you can see the post on torontoist here

holy moley! they're back!

i have GREAT news.... better than christmas news...
honeycrisp is back!!

A homegrown delicacy, these crisp pommes are in your neighbourhood grocer again for their short season.
So stop doing whatever you are doing, and get thee to a metro and change your life.

In honour of their annual appearance, I encourage you to read my "ode to the honeycrisp" from 09