no more dosas

well its a sad story for women all around the world. the brown paper on the windows at madras pantry just another sign that the economy is hitting us where it hurts most.

if that kind of a foolproof business plan can flop, then what hope is there for BOBAMERICA?

they picked a great location for foot traffic: across the street from TBP, along that strip of queen where hipsterdom thrives and commoners come to look at the wayfarer clad playing in the park.

their product was a la mode and relevant. affordable ethnic food -for the open minded and travelled inhabitants of the neighbourhood- tightly wrapped in a gluten free (for all those masala loving skinny jeans wearers) crepe seems like a goldmine.

the delivery practice: chatty handsome men in aprons hand you melt in your mouth flavour explosion dosas at an affordable price.


the only flaw i can see is that their bathroom was pretty sick. but i have never heard of a place closing down for that alone.
besides isn't this owned by Hanif from nyood and kultura....? he clearly knows good food and what people want...

so is the message that people don't want handsome men handing them really good food in exchange for a reasonable amount of coin?

perhaps the real problem here is that hipsterdrom is dying. so says NOW (NOW Magazine // Life & Style // Cover Story // The end of the hipster)
and if that's the case, are people going to stop opening businesses in my neighbourhood staffed by good looking gents? .. cause if that is indeed the case, i am gonna start a revolution.