it has happened again and i cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot

i found myself staring (for what seemed like an unnecessary and inappropriate amount of time given what had occurred) at my glistening white blackberry sitting in the bottom of the toilet.
i assure you it was seconds...SECONDS! before i was elbow deep in toilet water and retrieved it. but those mere seconds were long enough.
she's gone.

i cannnnnnnnnnnnn't!

i cannot go through this again:
- the frustration with the warranty i purchased that doesnt cover being addicted to your blackberry so much so that you must bring it into the washroom with you every single time you go and thus the inevitable porcelain swims it takes (being a water/ tea/coffee addict - these trips are ridiculously frequent)
- the thought of buying from craigslist without a warranty
- the temporary loss of contact and fear that some contacts may be lost forever
- the actual expense, like the multi-hundred dollar transaction that will inevitably happen in the next 6 hours.
- the nightmare of going to a rogers store and explaining to the 9 year old at the counter that i bought my phone on craigslist cause i'm cheap and that i need him to make everything work again because he is smarter than me
- re-requesting all my bbm friends (like 3)

and then, following the brilliant advice found on most shampoo botttles (rinse and repeat), doing this all again in 3 months when i take my new phone into the bathroom to see what @badbanana is tweeting about at 3am.