the best things

it has come to my attention that we are getting really good at getting really good at things. as we have exhausted nearly all of the options in terms of genuine invention completely original design* (*i am referring more to goods and services versus scientific invention - a la nanotube space elevators, etc.) efforts are seemingly focused on honing and perfecting the goods and services we currently have access to.

maybe the age of genuine and original invention is coming to a close?

this consistent focus on enhancement and improvement in design and experience has led to unequivocal perfection in some product categories.
as i notice these perfections more and more i have decided to keep an ongoing list.

i will call it the best things.

to give you an understanding of the parameters of the list, let me refer to the first time i really noticed this evolution in the quality of goods.
the release of 5 gum.
gum that does not lose its flavour.
gum that the chewer tires of well before the flavour dissipates.
my first piece ejected into the poubelle long not because it had adopted the flavour of my tongue, or the texture and density of plastercine. only because my jaw was sore.
it was obvious: we have figured out gum. this works best. its done.
trident, excel, etc, it was fun, but now you have only two options:
either copy this exactly or get out of the game.

the ipod is also a pretty good example. have you ever heard anyone say "i really got get my hands on an iriver 250mbg mp3 player" no. because we all recognize that apple has perfected the user operated mp3 player experience. other players try as they may, but its a losing battle.
i will not put the ipod on the best list, because it goes without saying (and for some reason their competition isnt really getting the message).
the point of the best list is to keep you up to date about whats the best and what you might already have thats not the best and what you should upgrade to. it should also serve as a point of reference for owners of companies like iriver and Juicy Fruit that their jig is up.

this will be an ongoing bobasaccord posting - and i looking for input here - so please submit your thoughts on goods and services that we have mastered

GUM - five - WAVE flavour
BREAD - dynamite baguette - OTTAWA
APPLES - honeycrisp

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