#darkTO and where have all the people gone

the AC clicked off. odd.
the radio went silent. unusual.
why is the light off in the fridge?... perhaps we blew a fuse.

anyone who was in TO during the #darkTO power failure last week can relate to the feeling of sheer terror that shot across the downtown core as memories of blackouts passed quickly flooded our minds.

what i found especially disturbing slash hilarious was where my fear lay. (see emphasis in type treatment above).

yup, i'm going to boil to death in this #heatwave.

no more anna-maria tremonti - i'll get over it.

all the foods going to rot. i'll starve.

OH MY GOD THE INTERNET ISN'T WORKING!!!!!!!!!! - i might die.

within seconds of coming to this realization both my roommate and i were on our bberrys checking into the twittersphere to see what was happening and more importantly what would be done to ensure that we would be reconnected asap.

how would we ever find out about the yet-to-be-released mel gibson tapes?

without discussion we packed up our most valuable possessions (bberrys and computers and their associated accessories) and took to the streets to find the answers (the never-ending quest) and plan next steps.

there we found store owners on the streets unloading ice-cream to passersby, strangers looking quizzically at each other and at the sky for some kind of sign or feedback.
somehow, as more and more people poured out of their shoeboxes (condos and offices) and into the streets, it felt like the city were moving at a slower pace.

luckily the loss was short-lived. we didnt make it two blocks before being reassured via text, sext, facebook, and twitter that all had returned to normal and that we wouldn't have to experience what life would be like without those lifelines.

ironically, we did not confirm this news with any human beings while out. we simply took the interwebs and telecommunications messages at their word and went home to log in.

isn't that disgusting?

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