you speak my gospel sister.

reading NOW this morning i stumbled across this piece by Tayna Grout (I Shop, therefore I am) and thought i would spread her wise words

essentially it's just a little pat on the back for those of us practicing non-responsible spending habits during this tough economic time. referring to us as
'fiscal firestarters' (read: fashionable and awesome women aged 20 to 40) she provides justification for our guilty habits and suggests that if we all just put on our shopping hats we can get outta this robot revolution together and essentially unscathed (or at the very least, well dressed).

i feel a particularly intimate connection when reading this bit about focusing on consumption in the form of material goods but moderation on consumption in food form:
"Impossible! Just when I’m about to eat carrot sticks, I mistakenly scarf down a couple of Krispy Kremes."
i know that mistake sister!

fortunately we have the fashionable bandaids for those kinds of slipups. bulky cable knit sweaters, mens plaid flannel work shirts and boyfriend jeans...

happy holidays $$$

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